Cyber Education Series

A do-it-yourself program that provides 5 case studies that highlight cyber security issues from NJ towns, how they were impacted and tips used to prevent future risk.

Information about the Cyber Education Series

Case Study #1: Sharing is (NOT) Caring
Case Study #2: Whoops! Don’t share the data
Case Study #3: We Trust the Pros
Case Study #4: Closed: Gone Phishin’
Case Study #5: The Exception (for now)
Case Study: Series Final Thoughts



Template versions of all of the policies needed for compliance can be found in the plan. Additional template policies can be found on our insurer’s (AXA XL) Cyber website:, use 10448 as the Access Code when registering for the first time.

Non-Compliance: $50,000 plus 20% copay of the next $300,000 (up to $110,000 out of pocket)

“Minimum Security”: $25,000 (up to $85,000 savings)

“Advanced Security”: $0 (up to $110,000 savings)

Via the Business Interruption and Extra Expense coverage of the Cyber policy, only the payroll and expenses above and beyond the normal hours can be recovered, such as overtime. In addition, most additional costs for an outside IT provider (should you not have one on staff) cannot be recovered.

Over 90% of the MELs’ members’ cyber claims have not had to do with credit cards or sensitive data. Rather they are mostly dealing with business interruption and loss of data from ransomware, and loss of funds from social engineering. Also, despite not storing confidential data, you may still be responsible for protection of the data; please consult your counsel.

The plan is written in a general nature to allow for variations, and not applicable questions have been approved in the past.  Please contact the MEL Underwriting Manager Edward J. Cooney at 973-659-6424 or, or contact your local JIF Executive Director to discuss those items.